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Author KICTE Hits 211
Date 2018-07-18 16:59:34
Subject [Recruitment] KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018


Recruitment: KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018

(CONnecting Next Engineering & Construction Talents)


KICTE launches its new education & networking program for graduate students of Infrastructure, City, and other related majors who are studying in Korea.

Come and join this first-of-its-kind program of KICTE, where the future talents in the related fields will gather to:

1) share the present conditions of construction technology education,

2) learn and discuss the latest technology trends in the field, and

3) build invaluable networks among each other as well as with KICTE.


  1. Course Title: KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018

    (CONnecting Next Engineering & Construction Talents)

  2. Course Duration: 2018.8.22.(Wed) ~ 24.(Fri) (3 days)

  3. Submission of application: 2018. 7.11.(Wed) ~ 7.27.(Fri)

  4. Eligible Applicants: Foreign and Korean graduate students with majors regarding Infrastructure/City (both Masters and PhD)

    (*please note that the number of course attendees is limited to 12 students)

  5. Location: KICTE Incheon Headquarters (688, Sorae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon)

  6. Cost: Free (Accommodation provided)

  7. Benefits: Certificate of completion Selection priority when applying to related educational courses in the future, etc.

KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018 (지원자 모집 중)


건설기술교육원에서 국내외 인프라 및 도시 전공 대학원생들을 위한 연수 프로그램을 진행합니다.

인프라 및 도시 분야의 미래 인재들이 모여 1)각국의 건설기술교육 현황을 공유하고, 2)최신 기술에 대해 배우고 토론하며 3)네트워크를 형성하는 자리로 여러분을 초대합니다.


. 과 정 명 : KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018

(CONnecting Next Engineering & Construction Talents)

  1. 교육기간 : 2018.8.22.()~24.(), 3일간

  2. 지원기간: 7.11.() ~ 7.27.()

  3. 교육대상 : 국내 수학 중인 국내·외 대학원생 12(인프라/도시 전공 석?박사 과정)

  4. 교육장소 : 인천본원

  5. 교 육 비 : 무료(숙박제공)

  6. 교육특전 : 수료증 발급 및 추후 교육과정 신청 시 우선 선발 등

Attachments 01 2. Training Program Course Information - KICTE CON-NECT 2018(1).pdf
Attachments 02 3-1. KICTE CON-NECT Program 2018 Application Form (ENG)(1).docx